Three Ads Attacking Congressman Joe Heck Online

Even though the 2014 election is just shy of a year away, Congressman Joe Heck is already starting to feel the heat. I’ve been seeing paid ads on Facebook and other social media posts bringing light to issues with Heck. Apparently a lot of people aren’t happy with his leadership, even some on the right.

Facebook ad 1:

This ad sponsored by the National Pro Life Alliance, caught my eye. They are presumably raising questions about Heck’s pro-life position. See ad here:

Facebook ad 2:

This ad, sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reminds folks that as long as Congressman Heck is in office, government shutdowns are a recurring possibility.

Web Ad:

The Cost of Inaction campaign is targeting Joe Heck for failing to support a bill on comprehensive immigration reform that has already passed the U.S. Senate with bi-partisan support. Heck’s campaign says he supports “immigration reform,” but it is always in some nebulous terms which allow him to avoid any true commitment to real change. 74% of his constituents support immigration reform with a path to citizenship, a hanging point for Mr. Heck.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say there are lots more ads and attacks to come over the next year.

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