New Video on Colorado River Aimed at Latinos

Hispanic leaders in the Western United States have formed a group called Nuestro Rio which focuses on raising awareness in the Latino community about the health of the Colorado River.  They have released a new Corrido video (shown below) that helps build the connection between the river and the cultural heritage of Latinos.

The river’s condition is in serious jeopardy, as it currently fails to even make it to the Ocean any longer.  Areas once lush with greenery, trees, animals, birds and fish are now large plains of mud.  As droughts occur, and demand for water increases, farm lands and environmental habitats are increasingly at risk.  We are on an unsustainable course with the Colorado River.  Finding new allies in the battle to save the river is vitally important, and Nuestro Rio is doing just that.

Nuestro Rio will be holding events in 4 states on Thursday, April 12, 2012. Details here. We will carry the Las Vegas event live at Noon on this page.

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