How Much Vacation Time Has Obama Taken? (Infographic)

The Sequester battle rages on in D.C., and now golfing and White House tours are ammo.  One I’ve heard brought up more than usual lately is a complaint that Obama has been on these lavish vacations costing tax payers enormous amounts.  I guess the reasoning goes something like ‘we wouldn’t even have a national debt if it weren’t for these vacations!’

Hate to break it to ya slim, but Obama’s vacation expenses don’t amount to much.  Air Force One costs a lot to operate, and so does shipping the president’s bullet proof vehicles and other equipment in a second plane.  He has no choice about what goes with him.  He only has a choice about where to go.

Many of our past bourgeois presidents have had their own personal vacation homes to visit during such times.  Lucky them. Bush had his enormous ranch in Texas where he vacationed, and Reagan had one in California.  Obama comes from more humble backgrounds, so he visits places he calls home, like Hawaii.

So has Obama taken more vacation time than any president in history?  Hardly.  The only president in the past 3 decades who he has outpaced has been Bill Clinton (though it’s very close).  No, it’s actually the Republicans who do the most vacationing.  The irony is they are the folks so outraged over these Obama vacations.  Check out the Obama vacation infographic below.

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