The Nevada View (TNV) is an independent community blog news service assembled by Nevadans and for Nevadans (Follow us on Twitter @thenevadaview).  TNV was started by Justin McAffee (@McAffee) in November of 2010.  TNV covers local, state, national and international news and opinion, with a focus on people and events that affect Nevada.

Since its start in November of 2010, The Nevada View has been listed in the Washington Post’s list of best state-based political blogs, and was awarded the 2011 Most Valuable Blogger Award by Local CBS.

The views and opinions expressed by the writers of The Nevada View are their own, and not necessarily the views of The Nevada View.

If you think you would fit in as a TNV blogger, write to Justin at editor@thenevadaview.com or use the contact form below.

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Our Staff

Justin McAffee – Publisher/ Editor

Justin has studied political science at UNLV and the College of Southern Nevada. He has been a blogger since 2007, writing for a national publication with 2 million readers a month, until 2010.  Starting The Nevada View in November of 2010, Justin has worked to assemble a team of dedicated writers interested in issues affecting Nevadans.  He works and lives in Las Vegas, involved with various organizations dealing with issue advocacy, public education and electoral politics.  Justin is an Associate with the Ramirez Group, a public relations and political consulting firm in Las Vegas.

You can reach Justin at editor@thenevadaview.com or via telephone at 702-374-6009.


Brian Bahouth – Capital Bureau Chief

Brian Bahouth has been news director/reporter/and on-air host for three public radio stations across the west.  He has filed numerous reports for NPR and other national and regional news networks.  A longtime political reporter, Bahouth has filed from state capitals in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico Nevada and California.  Brian produces the political blog The Nevada Spectator and lives and works in Reno.


You can reach Brian at brian@thenevadaspectator.com.


Aimee Riley – Content Editor

Aimee Riley is a Communication major, a member of Sigma Chi Eta (Communication/Journalism honor society) and the 2011 Communication Student of the Year at the College of Southern Nevada.

Aimee served as the president of the student government at the College of Southern Nevada and Chair of the Nevada Student Alliance, representing all students in Nevada.

You can reach Aimee via email at aimeekriley.2012@gmail.com or via telephone at 702-207-9146.


Sebring Frehner – Copy Editor

Sebring is the ardent activist.  Always ready to fight for a good cause, Sebring wears many different hats in the progressive community.  His passion is education and he has been advocating for a better education system here in Nevada for several years.

Sebring can be reached at sebring@thenevadaview.com.

Launce Rake – Contributing Writer

Launce is a former environmental and political reporter who wrote for papers and wire services from Bogotá, Colombia; the U.S. Virgin Islands; Wilmington, North Carolina; and, since 1999, from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he covered issues of regional, statewide and national significance including the gold-mining industry, Yucca Mountain and weapons development at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, population growth and sprawl, and water resources. As a Sun reporter, Launce also had the primary responsibility of covering the Clark County Commission, which has the oversight of three-quarters of Nevada’s population and a similar share of the state’s economic activity, including the Las Vegas Strip. Launce also covered the Regional Transportation Commission, the Southern Nevada Water Authority and the Las Vegas Valley Water District, among other standing assignments.

From February 2007 to June 2011, Launce worked as communications director for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, a statewide coalition working for environmental, social and economic justice. Launce also continued working closely with the Clark County Commission as a citizen-lobbyist and supporter of progressives on the elected commission. He served as the conservationist representative to an advisory group on Water Rates for the metropolitan region, and successfully worked to include a “tiered” water rate system that charged high-volume water users more per gallon than those using minimal amounts. Launce is an elected member of the Toiyabe (Nevada and Eastern California) Chapter of the Sierra Club and a member of the boards of directors of Great Basin Water Network and Great Basin Resource Watch.  Launce currently has a regular column at Las Vegas City Life.